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What Nobody Tells You About Goal Setting….


We all know about Goal Setting.

We all know how important it to create our goals blah blah blah…

We’ve all heard this a bazillion times…

However – I bet you didn’t know the following.

There is a VERY simple yet HUGELY powerful technique that you can implement RIGHT NOW – to MASSIVELY increase the chances of you successfully achieving your goal.

Please let me explain:

Most people don’t even have goals.
So if you do – already you are in an elite group.

But let’s not stop there.

How do we turn that goal in your head – into a tangible reality in the real world?

Some incredible research from MIT explains exactly how we can do this.

Researchers recently took a bunch of people and split them up into 4 groups:


1: Group 1 were told to THINK about a goal they wanted to achieve.

2: Group 2 were told to think about a goal they wanted to achieve AND to WRITE IT DOWN.

3: Group 3 were told to think about a goal they wanted to achieve – to write it down – AND to CREATE AN ACTION PLAN.

4: Group 4 were told to think about a goal they wanted to achieve – to write it down – to create an action plan AND THEN TELL SOMEBODY.



Guess what?

In every step – there was an increase in those achieving their goal.

There was a 30% increase between steps 3 and 4 alone.

There was a 70% increase between steps 1 and 4.


The lesson?


What is it you want to achieve? To lose weight – to put on muscle – to build a website – to create a product – to finish a presentation – to finally make those videos you keep talking about…


…all you need to do is:



1: Define what your goal is. Be Specific. (I want to put on 5 lb.’s of muscle by March 30th)

2: Write it down. Somewhere you will see it every day. Computer monitor/refrigerator door. Yes others may see it too (which helps with no’s 4)

3: Create an Action Plan. What will you do to archive your goal – and by when? (Gym 4 times a week – Mondays/Tuesdays/Thursdays/Fridays).

4: Tell someone. You may feel vulnerable. Good! And give the person you tell permission to hold you accountable and to check in with you to see how you are progressing.

Just simply adding these steps to ANYTHING you want to accomplish – will increase your chances HUGELY of you following through and delivering upon your promise to yourself…