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Here’s a question for you.

What do you think is the #1 fear of American’s aged 50+?

It’s probably not what you think.

It’s not health issues.

It’s not having to work longer.

It’s not even death!

Get this – the #1 fear of anyone over 50 – is running out of money.

(Death by the way, came in at #2)

And this fear is justified. Because….

… 75% of Americans are running the risk of running out of money before they die.


How is this even possible?

Let me tell you how.

This is the Current reality here in 2018.

* More than one third of workers have less than $1000 saved.

* 60% have less than $25,000 saved.

* Most scary of all – 75% of Americans can expect to see their assets disappear before they die.

(sub head) And we are living longer! Much longer!

Compounding this issue is that we are living longer!

Someone retiring today at aged 65 is expected to live to 85 or longer.

That’s 20+ years of retirement.

And that’s the average.

(sub head) How are you going to fun your longer life?

How are you going to fund this longer life?


Most people don’t have enough.


Do you want to be a burden?

The Government?

You’re kidding, right?

The average Social Security benefit is $1294/month. Could you live on that?

(sub head) The Solution

The solution is taking stock of the situation and vowing to do something about it.

And the easiest (and fastest) solution, is to explore having a web business.

Something that is simple.

Something that is easy to understand.

Something that you will enjoy.

And something that can quietly be running 247 generating you an extra income.

There is NOT a magic button, but it there is a magic process, to generating a regular income online.

My name is Chris Farrell and for over 10 years I have been teaching step-by-step — how to create a successful web business.

Here’s my biggest takeaway.

It does not have to be complicated.

I’m continually amazed at how many people over-complicate things

There really is no need.

The biggest mistake most people make when it comes to having a web business – is they have no plan.

Sure – they want to make some money. Who doesn’t?

But that’s the end result.

And we can’t start at the end.

We need to know the road map.

We need to have a plan.

So – let me reveal the plan.

(sub head) Your 3 Step Simple Plan

What I am going to do now is reveal the exact plan – that I still use to this day – that allows me to make between 3 – 5 figures online every single day.

Think about that for a second – 3 – 5 figures online EVERY day.

And it has done for years – just by following this simple plan.

I don’t mention these daily incomes by the way to impress of course – I say this to illustrate what is possible but ONLY when….

We have a plan

And the good news is – this plan only has 3 steps.

(if you are interested – I go into these 3 steps in more detail in this free download you can grab here)

STEP 1: Identify a Profitable Niche.

This is where everything starts!

All this means – is that we identify an area online where money is already being spent.

Want to hear the good news?

There are thousands of profitable niches online!

A lot of people make the very common mistake of starting with what they want to sell.

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

As counter-intuitive as it may feel, what we actually sell is the LAST step.

The first step of any profitable online business, is to identify an area where people are already spending a money.

Identifying a Profitable Niche

(If you’d like to see some examples and get help brainstorming – please click here)

Once we know our niche, we move onto Step 2, which is:

STEP 2: Build A List

All this means is we collect email addresses of people that are interested in our niche.

That’s it!

So imagine in Step 1 we identify our niche to be ‘men over 50 who want to put on muscle’ (which incidentally is a booming niche)

Now we know what our niche is, in Step 2 we build a list of people who are saying ‘hey! I’m interested in this!’

The great news is there are many fast and simple ways to do this (I’ll tell you how in a mo)

So, that’s Step 2.

Do you see that I mean when I say this does not have to be complicated?

Systems work. It’s people that over complicate things.

Finally, we move onto Step 3.

STEP 3: Introduce our list to related products/services

You will make money in Step 3.

Once we have a list of people (step 2) that are interested in a particular profitable niche (Step 1), in Step 3 we start to build trust before recommending products or services they may be interested in.

Here is what is unique about having a web business.

And extra $1000/month only takes 27 people purchasing a product that is $37.

27 people! Think about that.

It’s very easy to build a list of a FEW HUNDRED within a few weeks.

Do you think if you have a few hundred people on your list and you engage with them…

…you could convert 27 of them to paying customers?

The answer, quite simply, is yes.

And I have taught many people how do achieve this.

(sub head) So Why Do Most People Struggle With A Web Business.

Simple. They have no plan.

As we discussed above – everyone is interested in making a little extra money – but that’s the end result.

We can’t start at the end.

I teach (and run my business) following 2 rules.

Rule 1: Keep It Simple

Rule 2: See Rule 1

(sub head) What Do You Do Now?

These are the facts:

* Over half of American households are at risk for not having enough money to maintain their living standards.

* More than one third of workers have less than $1000 saved.

* There are 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every day

QUESTION: Even if you are not yet 65, if you are 50+ you need to be thinking NOW
about how you will fund your 20/30+ years you may have when you reach retirement age.

ANSWER: The easiest (and fastest) way is to create your own simple online business.

(sub head) I’d like to know more….

If you’d like to know more – I have a free downloadable gift for you here.

Here’s my promise to you.

There is no geek speak in this gift.

No tech talk.

No time wasting.

What you will find however, is actionable, fluff-free advice explaining step-by-step how you can create your own simple online business.

And you can grab this free gift by clicking here.

The 3 Simple Steps to To Making $500+/month online, EVERY month

(explained simply, step-by-step and with no geek-speak)