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Simple and Effective Designs-that YOU can create!

simple design

Does anyone find that creating graphics for your site can be a real stumbling block?

You know the scenario – it may be just be a simple Facebook banner, a logo or a ‘click here’ button that you are needing-but actually ‘making‘ it isn’t quite so easy unless you are armed with the necessary ‘design‘ skills.


So what are our options then? We could either:

  •  Outsource ($$$$ which can get expensive)
  •  Learn a new piece of software like Photoshop (which can be both pricey and have a steep learning  curve)




There is actually another way…a new tool that really

simplifies this whole process — and you need ZERO design skills…

  •  it’s free…(yes-it really is)
  •  the graphics are stunning
  •  and it’s really easy to use


Take a look at these images below…

GO copy


These are all created using a FREE tool called Canva.


So what is Canva?


In a nutshell it’s quite simply “The easiest to use design program in the world is a site that takes you by the hand and allows you to create your own graphics

and customize hundreds of pre – made templates in a really (and I mean really) simple and intuitive way.

You can then download then and use them how and as you want.


In fact – every image you see on this post was created in Canva in a matter of minutes,

it’s actually really  quick to pick up so if you want great looking graphics with minimal fuss it’s well worth

taking a look…




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