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Here’s why we will never achieve balance…

balanceYou know – we all feel overwhelmed at times.

We all have a never ending to-do list.

And we all secretly long to have a ‘balanced’ life.

But do you know what – that doesn’t exist.

Life is never balanced – nor will it be.

If you asked 10 people today “how you feeling?”
you’d get answers such as “wonderful”, “busy”, “hectic”, “crazy” etcbalance3

Not one person I suspect would say “balanced”

And that’s because moment to moment – we are all off balance – experiencing fluctuations — new ideas – new demands – new responsibilities — new desires…

The secret is to learn to be comfortable in the midst of all this turmoil.

The problem isn’t us — it’s the message.

Perfect balance is unachievable.

And frankly – it’s also something we don’t really want.

Daily life involves trying to integrate work – relationships – health – growth and personal interests — into some sort of fluid pattern.

To balance all of these – would be impossible.

Therefore don’t wish for balance.

Instead – accept that we are all in every moment, off balance.comment-below

And we need to get comfortable embracing this uncertainty. And that’s natural, normal and in it’s own cool way — kinda wonderful.